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Episcopal Youth Community Summer Mission Trip

The first thing we noticed was the blistering heat. With water bottles clutched in hand, we unbuckled ourselves out of the vans and stepped into rays of the unrelenting Tennessee sun. Blinking through dizzying brightness we took a closer look at the old Sherwood Elementary School, our work site for the next four days. On the last trip to Sewanee in 2010, we started converting this school into a community center, which we continued to work on this year. At first glance, the retired school appears abandoned. With many of the windows still broken and shades pulled down on those that were still intact, the building seemed to have almost deteriorated since I had come here to volunteer on the Episcopal Youth Community’s last visit two years ago. However, Kathy Pack, a Sherwood resident and leader of the building project, has been almost singlehandedly renovating this old school for years.
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Junior Choir Awards

Yesterday, marked the kick off of the 2012-2013 season of Junior Choir. We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to post the awards from last year!
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Strategic Planning Process is Underway

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The timing of the vestry and rector convening a Strategic Planning Committee last June couldn’t have been better. In the next three to four years, the Chapel of the Cross will face one of the most critical chapters in its long history. Will we be prepared? All indications are that we will be breaking ground in October on the most significant addition to the church facilities since the current sanctuary was constructed in 1925. The new addition will enhance the parish’s space for fellowship, Christian education, and administrative and support services. It comes, however, with a challenging price tag in the range of $7 million. This expansion will require additional contributions to the capital campaign and annual increases in pledge revenues of as much as 10 percent for the next several years.
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Dear Friends – August

Dear Friends,

For over ten years now, we have been praying regularly at our Sunday and weekday services for those in our military service and for their families. While it can be good any time to pray for our soldiers, we started these intercessions at the time of the invasion of Iraq because of the high level of danger these men and women found themselves in. Unfortunately armed conflict persists, and we still continue these prayers for the men and women of our armed forces assigned to a combat zone.
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July Vestry Actions

At its meeting on July 26, the Vestry:

  • Approved the recommendation of the Finance Committee to select BB&T as the primary banking relationship of the Chapel of the Cross, to include support of the debt required for financing Phase One of the Master Plan, and authorized the Senior Warden to sign the commitment letter and to submit the loan proposal to the Standing Committee for approval; and, once approved, to negotiate the loan documents and with the Junior Warden to execute other necessary deeds and instruments
  • Approved the resolution recommended by the Finance Committee to seek the approval of the Standing Committee to proceed with the loan process and enter into an agreement with BB&T for this purpose
  • Learned that there is a matching challenge grant of $300,000 from a parishioner to raise the additional funds needed to finish the third floor of the new building
  • Approved a designated grant of $10,000 to the Church of the Advocate to assist in moving St. Philip’s Germanton to the Advocate’s site off Homestead Road, and specified the funds to be drawn upon
  • Acknowledged receipt of the 2011 Annual Audit
  • Approved John Pegram as Treasurer-Designate of the Chapel of the Cross, to be elected to a non-renewable three-year term at the May 2013 Vestry retreat
  • Approved Elizabeth Costello for candidacy
  • Learned that the ground blessing will take place on September 23 at the Fall Feast and that Linda Rimer will coordinate this event.

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Meet the 2012-2013 Johnson Interns!

The Johnson Intern Program (JIP) recruits eight young-adult men and women (college graduates and young adults with comparable experience ages 21-30) for eleven-month hands-on service placements, leadership training (in the servant leader model), and spiritual formation. Please take a minute to get to know the incoming class of Johnson Interns for 2012-2013.

Elizabeth Bible 

Hi, I am Elizabeth Bible and I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, with my two younger siblings – Leo and Madeline. We were raised by our loving and caring parents; both of them work in education. My Dad teaches architecture at the University of Cincinnati, and my mother works as an occupational therapist in the Cincinnati Public Schools. I graduated in December 2011 from the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies and a Minor in Fine Art and Photography. I was an active participant and leader in my college’s Campus Ministry.

I have always been excited about traveling to new places and experiencing different ways of life. I have never been to Chapel Hill N.C., so I am happy to be able to come and spend a year becoming a part of the community and experiencing North Carolina. The Johnson Intern Program gives me a fabulous opportunity to become a member of a faith community, work as a volunteer, and the Friday program will help to give me the guidance in my personal growth. I am hoping to gain friends as well as a deeper understanding as to where my path in life should take me.

Andrew Hoelscher

My name is Andrew Hoelscher. I’m 21 and just finished at the University of Central Arkansas’ Honors College where I studied religion, sociology, and interdisciplinary coursework including philosophy, ecology, and cultures/countercultures. My thesis reviewed policies dealing with homeless veterans in central Arkansas and the sociological underpinnings of both policies and local attitudes.

Despite its many health and safety risks (many of which I have encountered directly) I continue to love hiking and backpacking. I consider time spent in the kitchen some of the most fulfilling; I’m currently studying vegetarian cooking. I also write in my blog ( where I will certainly be chronicling my experiences with the Johnson Intern Program.

In my bio given above can be seen the root of my commitment to JIP. My scholastic background showed me the suffering that lies in the world and guided me to a service vocation. Because my family taught me to do the right thing always, I knew I couldn’t sit on my hands in the face of such suffering and sought to express that vocational calling through my service with JCA. The Honors College gave me the opportunity to act on my calling. I found a family of service-minded people at JCA, and knew that my path lay in service. When searching for post-graduate opportunities, I found the Johnson Intern Program and was immediately drawn to the spiritual and service-based lifestyle it offered. If I’m most excited about one thing, it’s the people with whom I will connect and bond. I was also drawn to JIP because I see opportunities for personal expression and creative labor in the structure of the program; JIP is, simply put, an opportunity to serve while living a full life. I hope to bring energy, compassion, and a spirit of learning to the program; I hope to leave with discipline, spiritual and interpersonal growth, a renewed commitment to social justice, and a new family of peers and mentors. I am truly humbled by the opportunity and excited by the prospect of serving with JIP!

Ellen Jackson

My name is Ellen Jackson. I’m 23 and from Dayton, Ohio, where most of my family lives. I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 2011 with a BA in Psychology. At Miami, I was very involved in service and student leadership and spent summers in Chicago and India. My family and community in Dayton spurred interests in cultural diversity and social justice that quickly grew into passions through amazing classes, mentors, service, and work experiences at Miami. After graduation, I worked in pediatric public health research and with a cultural arts education program in Dayton. Though very different, both of these experiences sharpened my focus on community and underprivileged populations.

In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and swimming. I also enjoy reading news and exploring healthy and sustainable living practices such as veganism and eco-friendly DIY projects.

I was drawn to JIP by the opportunity it presents to focus on social justice work, communal living, and personal/spiritual growth. Through this experience, one of my main goals is to begin to define the role of service in my personal and professional life. I also hope to grow in my spirituality, practice voluntary simplicity, and learn much from my fellow interns through a year of intentional community. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to the journey!

Rachel Leeman-Munk

My name is Rachel Leeman-Munk and I’m a 21-year-old who just finished studying mathematics at Earlham College, a small Quaker college in Indiana. Since entering Earlham, I have also taken courses in Psychology, Geology, Women’s Studies, and Computer Science. I love learning about almost anything. I grew up in Carrboro, NC, about a half mile from the Lindsay Street JIP house.

I have two parents, an older brother, and a tabby cat who has gotten a lot sweeter with age. As a result of my dad’s large collection, I have grown up with a great fondness for board games of almost any type. I also sew, knit, and crochet in my spare time. I picked up embroidery in college when I realized that my sewing projects were too large to fit in my dorm room. I also love music. I played the oboe for 9 years when I lived at home and have sung in the Earlham Choir for the past four years in college.
I am coming to the Johnson Intern Program because I have a great interest and love for people and faith practices. I have attended the Chapel Hill Friend’s Meeting, a Quaker Meeting, since my family moved to North Carolina when I was one. Although I have been very involved in Quaker gatherings and communities since I was young, I want to learn about different faiths and how they fit into people’s lives. I am also really looking forward to participating in a church of a different denomination and, hopefully, singing in a church choir.

Allison Little

Hello! My name is Alli and I am from Maryville, Tennessee, right by the Smoky Mountains! My family consists of my mom, my dad, and my older sister, Lindsay. I am easily entertained and find joy in almost anything, but I especially love to play, sing, make, listen and dance to music! I have been practicing yoga for about six years, and I am an avid reader.

Living and working in a small village in Ghana for 2 months during the summer of 2010 has definitely shaped me and the way I approach life. Directing and being a part of the V-Day Movement and The Vagina Monologues during college has also been an incredibly important experience for me. I graduated in May with a degree in Sociology from a small liberal arts school called Maryville College.

I am so excited to be a part of this community because I am ready to forge new friendships and continue along my vocational journey. I am also looking forward to getting a feel for what working at a non-profit organization is really like. Cheers to a new home, friends, challenges, experiences, and the 2012-2013 JIP year!

Erica Long 

My name is Erica Rose Long. I am lucky to have grown up in Augusta, Maine, a short drive from the “Vacationland” coastline. I am blessed with a caring, affectionate, and supportive family. As is hilariously and accurately depicted in the ABC drama Modern Family, loving families come in all variations. When I was nine-years old my parents separated and eventually divorced. Although divorce is usually considered an obstacle for children, I believe it has allowed me to have stronger, more meaningful relationships with my parents and my older sister, Miriam.   I have fond memories of my childhood and cherish the few times a year I return to my parents’ homes.

I recently graduated from Bates College where I studied English literature, religion, and studio art. Alongside my studies I worked as a fellow to the college Multi-faith Chaplain. During my junior year I studied abroad at the University of Cape Town where I fell in love with the city, its people and their stories. I spent my senior year writing an honors thesis on South African novelist and journalist Fred Khumalo, whom I had the honor to meet and who sat on the panel for my thesis defense.

As the granddaughter of a Unitarian Universalist minister, I have been raised to recognize and celebrate the inherent dignity in everyone. This belief propels my desire to be part of JIP, an organization that provides a unique opportunity to learn more about social justice by serving the community. This is an experience I hope will strengthen my spiritual development and help me in the coming years as I continue on to pursue a career in chaplaincy.

Kindred Motes
My name is Kindred Motes and I’m a dual resident of both Somerville, AL and Kansas City, MO, as my family has houses in both cities. I’m the oldest of two children; my brother will be starting high school in the fall. I couldn’t live without my Kindle, (or literature in general) music, humor/laughter, sushi, and Clarks Desert Trek Boots. I love playing tennis, singing, discussing current events with my peers, and getting to know new people.

I graduated in May 2012 from Birmingham-Southern College with a Bachelor of Arts in English as a Harrison Honors Program Scholar 2012 and member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity.

I’m interested in gaining new perspectives during my tenure in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, in the areas of both volunteerism and public awareness/service. I also hope to build lifelong contacts and friends during my Johnson Intern Program term. Oh, and I hope to eventually work in a US Embassy or Foreign Consulate Office!

Christine Powers

Hello! My name is Christine Powers and I am from Rowley, Massachusetts. I’m the youngest child in my family (though not sure I subscribe to the youngest child model). My brother, Sam, just graduated from law school in New York where he will now be working, and my sister, Evelyn, is working as a Physician’s Assistant in Connecticut. Though my siblings and I have all moved out, my mother, Carol, is busy with her own law practice and our rambunctious black lab mutt, Winni.

I am a recent graduate of Stonehill College, a small liberal-arts college south of Boston, with a degree in Philosophy and Psychology. I loved studying Philosophy and getting a chance to think about and discuss many things in life that some people never question (such as whether there’s really any way for me to know if I’m dreaming right now or not). I also loved studying Psychology as I have always been interested in understanding other peoples’ behavior and the intricacies of personality and motivations. I hope to pursue a career in Bioethics as a mixture of both these fields of interest. As a Philosophy major it was helpful that I love to read, and bookstores are some of my favorite places on Earth. I also enjoy spending time outdoors and one of my favorite activities is hiking, especially in the summer and fall.

I am excited to be a part of JIP and am eager to learn from such a unique opportunity for personal growth. I am looking forward to spending time in a supportive environment which will help foster the values of service, community and faith which I can then integrate into all of my future plans in life. I am excited to get to know my fellow interns in intentional living and to experience a new part of the country outside of New England in Chapel Hill. I am sure this will be a remarkable journey and I am excited to see what the future holds!

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