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Signed Beam Set In Place

Today the crane hoisted the beam signed by hundreds of Chapel of the Cross members and friends into its place at the top of the roof ridge.  The 12-foot-long ridge beam, its colorful signatures clearly visible, glided through the air and was caught by two steel workers who bolted it into place.

The beam bridges the two phases of the building — the south side and the north side.  Known to its friends as piece number 110B2, the beam is 59 feet and 8 inches above the ground floor elevation. On the drawing grid system, it is just north of E line on the 2 line.

By Thanksgiving, all the steelwork will be completed and the crane will go home for the holiday.  We will pour all three floors of the north side of the building, just as we did for the south side a few weeks ago.  Some demolition of the Yates building where it joins the new construction will begin next week; be prepared for some loud noises.

In order to pour the concrete, workers are welding hardened steel bar anchors to the decking.  The masons have just about topped out the south side masonry walls; plumbing, mechanical, and electrical rough-in continues.  Preparations are underway to back-fill the last of the basement walls, near the chapel and across the former ramp area.  Once that space is backfilled, some of the trades can move closer to the building, freeing up some of our parking space.  Good news all around!

Good news on our annual campaign as well, although there is still a way to go.  As of this afternoon we have 234 pledges for a total pledged of $667,450.  Our goal is $1,500,000. A secondary but no less important goal is increasing our pledging households to reflect our actual membership.  Thanks to those who have pledged; if you have not yet made your commitment for 2014, stewardship callers will be reaching out to you!  Ingathering Sunday is December 8. We will use the pledges we receive to set our budgets for the year. Make your pledge online or with the pledge card you received in the mail. You can set up regular edebits through the parish accounting office, arrange for a stock transfer, set-up regular credit card withdrawals through the website, make a one-time credit or debit card payment, order weekly or monthly envelopes, or just make a pledge. If you have questions or need assistance, call the church office at 919-929-2193.

– Walker Mabe

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Junior Chorister Grows up to Serve in Ecuador

By Linda Haac

131126-VivancoCameron Graham Vivanco grew up in The Chapel of the Cross, serving as one of our very own junior choristers and, according to her, providing more than her share of mischief to the dismay of our choirmaster Dr. Van Quinn. She blossomed eventually, though, into a young woman with a calling and before long, she found herself a SAMS missionary in Quito, Ecuador, where she now directs the Youth World’s short-term mission program.

On finding herself called to work in Quito, Cameron has said in the past, “I was elated when I felt like God was calling me to Ecuador, for about three seconds, and then I was terrified. I did not speak Spanish, or even know where Ecuador was on a map!”

In October, Cameron visited The Chapel of the Cross along with her husband, Roberto, a native Ecuadorian, gifted musician and a fellow SAMS missionary. The two spoke at a gathering in the chapel about their work with short-term mission teams, their efforts to provide educational opportunities for children and their music ministry, which includes a Christian band known as the Gedeon Worship Band and a recording studio, the Mesias Studio in Quito. In addition to their church work, the couple also cares for their 18-month-old son Graham, who carries Cameron’s maiden name. Continue reading

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Christmas Flower Remembrances

At Christmastime, the flowers in the church and chapel are given as a memorial or thanksgiving for loved ones. There are 2 ways to request flowers for this Christmas:

1 – Use our online form. Be sure to indicate Christmas day when you fill out the form. Please submit your request by Friday, Dec 13 for names to be included in the bulletin on Christmas day.

2 – Pick up a form (printed on green paper)! Forms are available in the church office, dining room, tower room, and at the back of the chapel.  To have names included in the bulletin, please return request forms to the church office by Friday, December 13 with a check payable to: The Chapel of the Cross, memo line Christmas flowers.

Contact the office at 919-929-2193 with any questions.

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32 degrees and rising

At 3:30 this morning it may have seemed dark and cold to most folks, but it was perfect weather for pouring concrete.  When the temperature is 32 degrees and rising, dry and cool, the concrete cures at the right speed — the more slowly it cures the harder it gets.

Finishing poured concrete

The workers and the concrete pump arrived at 3:30.  And by 4 am concrete trucks were chugging away to deliver 11,000 square feet of 4,000-psi lightweight concrete on three floors of the south half of our building.  The concrete was pumped onto the steel decking for each floor, beginning with the third floor and working down.  Temporary wood shoring in the ceilings outlines where the mechanical ductwork will run; it holds the concrete in place until it reaches design strength.

Work has already begun to complete the other half of the building: the footing that runs across the ramp area has already been poured and on Monday the ramp will disappear.  By next Wednesday the last basement wall — across the Franklin Street side of the building — will be poured, and once it has set it will be backfilled.  The ground floor slab will go in and the crane will return to erect the steel for the north side. Continue reading

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Ready to pour diamonds

To run our project most efficiently, the contractor has divided our new building in half vertically, so that you can see steel going in on the south or Arboretum side first. The concrete floor slabs will be poured the same way, with the back half of all three floors poured on the same day next week. Shear studs have been fastened along each beam over the steel decking to keep loaded beams from deflecting and enabling the concrete and steel to act as one.

The workers have completed the job of adding grout under the steel columns and coating them below grade.  To add the grout and coating, they used the diamond-shaped openings around each column. Now those openings are ready to be filled with concrete–so we are “ready to pour diamonds.”   Continue reading

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Greater and greater heights

Almost no explanation needed for the attached photos as structural steel erection continues for all three floors on the back — south — half of the building.  Metal decking has been welded down to the I-beams and safety cable handrails have been installed along with temporary lighting for workers in the ground floor area.

In a couple of weeks the crane will move out of the hole and repeat the operation for the north side.  That is when our signed beam will be installed.  Steel will be our main occupation through Thanksgiving. Continue reading

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