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February Vestry Action

At its meeting on February 19, the Vestry:

  • Approved moving forward with Phase I ($204,600) and Phase II ($190,000) of the chapel restoration and repair with Waters Craftsman as the contractor
    • Set aside a minimum of 5% for contingencies
    • Approved an estimated $5000 expenditure for construction review by Hager Smith, an estimated $1000 fee for structural engineering consultation by Lysaght Structural Engineers, and an estimated expenditure of $20,700 for lightning rods to protect the church
    • Proposed that the approximately $450,000 required for the project be raised by borrowing an additional $100,000 on the loan extended for the building project and that the remaining funds be secured by the expenditure of $200,000 from the principal of the Stoudemire Chapel Fund, $75,000 from the Vestry-established Buildings and Grounds endowment, $53,000 from the Capital Fund, $27,000 from the income of the Cobb Fund, and $6000 from the income of the Cobb Chapel Fund, while explicitly acknowledging that fundraising for the chapel project would be undertaken in an effort to minimize the amount of funds that would need to be borrowed or spent from current assets
    • Appointed a Chapel Restoration Committee consisting of the Incoming Oversight Committee Chair (Eugene Dauchert), the Treasurer (John Pegram), and the Senior Warden (James Moeser) or his designee to oversee the project in conjunction with the Chief Administrator (Walker Mabe), who will serve as the Owner’s Representative
    • Authorized the Senior Warden to sign a contract for the chapel restoration
  • Received a preliminary report and recommendation from the Oversight Committee regarding the estimated size of the loan for the building project
  • Approved the recommendation of the Outreach Ministry Committee for a grant of $1000 from the Outreach Ministry line item for the Augustine Project
  • Received the 2014 Parochial Report.

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ABCNoDonationThe 53rd annual ABC Sale is just a few short weeks away on March 21st. It’s time to get a jump on your Spring Cleaning and de-clutter your Attics, Basements, and Closets. We are often asked what we will accept for donations and the answer generally is most gently worn or used items. If you are unsure about a donation, ask yourself this simple question: “Would I give it to a friend?” If the answer is yes, please put aside your clothing, household and garden items, furniture, books, “treasures”, and other items to donate. If the answer is no, please do not bring them to the Sale. Our volunteers work very hard to sort through hundreds of bags and boxes containing donations, distribute them to the appropriate rooms, and price them for Sale. Sadly, many donations are not in saleable condition which takes up our volunteers’ time and energy that could be used in more productive ways. Stained, dirty, or torn clothing, worn out shoes, badly worn upholstered furniture, items that are broken or missing pieces, and electrical items that don’t work, are some of the many items which we cannot sell. Our Sorting area is very small and it would be very helpful to our Sorting Team if you would separate items and pack in different bags or boxes according to department, i.e., men, women, kitchen, linens, toys, books, etc.  Put like items with like items to make the initial sort easier.

Please be thoughtful when putting your donations together. The full Donation Guidelines are listed here. Our volunteers will appreciate your efforts. Reg Carver ( 919-493-9499) and Mary Sullivan ( 919-533-6298) are co-chairs for the sale this year. Please contact them with any questions concerning donations.

Donation Guidelines

The ABC Sale is fast approaching and we’re in need of quality merchandise to sell.   It’s time to clean out your Attics, Basements and Closets and bring us all the good stuff! The following guidelines will help you determine the appropriate items to bring in, and help us all have a profitable sale.

  • Almost any type of merchandise is accepted, from furniture to clothing, household items to antiques, and books.
  • Please donate only items that are truly saleable – clean, mended, working, in good repair. We do not sell torn, dirty or broken items, so please do not bring them in.

The following items will NOT be accepted:

  • Toys that are broken or missing pieces
  • Torn or soiled clothing; underwear
  • Old, worn out shoes
  • Mattresses and bed pillows
  • Futons and waterbeds
  • Metal bed frames
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Old, worn upholstered furniture in poor condition
  • Bulky furniture items
  • Office wall dividers
  • Large appliances
  • Exercise bikes/Treadmills
  • Child car seats
  • Artificial Christmas trees
  • Encyclopedias / textbooks
  • Medical / law books
  • Skis and ski boots
  • Used baby bottles / sippy cups

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