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Rector Search Committee Update

From search committee chair Dick Taylor:

Parishioners frequently ask me — “What is going on in the Rector search?”  — underscoring how much we all care about this process and need to communicate with one another about it.

The search committee intends to communicate regularly with the vestry and the congregation, at least monthly, or more often as we have news to report.

It may not seem like much is happening, but rest assured that progress is being made.   The first and most significant step was the October congregation-wide conversation about who we are, what we value, and what we hope for in the future.   Hundreds of parishioners contributed thousands of individual sticky-notes or survey responses with their thoughts and hopes for this process.

In early November, the vestry, search committee and profile writing committee met together to review your input in light of the format for the parish profile which is, in effect, our job announcement.  It was a wonderful, if somewhat chaotic, exercise in which we reached shared understandings about the importance of worship and music, outreach and social ministry, and Christian community to the people of the Chapel of the Cross.

It was clear that we are proud of our church and love it deeply, while at the same time share a sense that we want to be more – A Light on the Hill.

It then became the task of Doug Kelly and the members of the profile writing committee to faithfully capture that information and insight, and draft a parish profile for consideration by the search committee and the vestry.  They skillfully completed their task on time in mid-December.   Thanks go to Patty Courtright, Andrew Joyner, Doug Kelly, Ted Vaden, Eliza Wolff, and Robert Wright for their excellent work.

The search committee met this week to work with the parish profile and review a likely timetable for the process going forward.   We will be meeting regularly, at least monthly, going forward.  Search committee members are Virginia Carson, Leigh Ann Dasher, David Dodson, Joe Ferrell, Sarah Hybels, James Moeser, Melody Savage, Dick Taylor, and Kevin Trapani.

We intend to submit the parish profile to the vestry for a first reading at its January meeting, and for adoption at the February meeting.

On March 1, we will “go live!”   Our profile will be posted on the websites of the parish, the national church, the Diocese, and several Episcopal consortia for sharing job announcements and applications for clergy positions.   This is the window in which positions are often posted and where interested candidates respond to those announcements.  The months of March and April will be somewhat quiet for us, as aspirants for our position send their information to the Diocese, background checks occur, and the Diocese gathers applicants for our consideration.

On or around May 1, we will receive our applications.   We are told that ours will be a very attractive position, and we should expect a pool of highly-qualified applicants.   In May and June, the search committee will screen the applicants, conduct on-line interviews, interview a smaller number in person, and finally select a candidate for presentation to the vestry.  The vestry will then interview the candidate and decide whether to issue a call.

If all goes well we will call a Rector in late summer to begin work in the fall.

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